Selling to kids

Welcome once again, and thanks for droping by the High Knights Blog.! well…I would of said welcome to my blog a couple of weeks ago… but if you haven’t already knoticed HG has started bloggin too… witch is wicked!
To many times have I sat down with him for a couple of cold ones, and he has dropped some of his new found knoledge on me that I may never have come accross otherwise…so like its good for me, it’s now also good for you! knoledge is best shared.
This week i’m going to be brief.  I watched this doco the other day that really opened my eyes to how sly the media world can be. Thing is we all know advertisments are misleading and over the top.. but do our kids know that??.. well kids can sure have their parents wrapped around their fingers a lot of the time.. At least when the media targets us we know their intentions. However in the eyes of our children everything seems genuine.. (Big Coperations) how well do they know our kids? lets just say they have done the research and know how to reel us in at a young age.
we always hear advise about what we should put in our kids stomach , how about what we put into their heads?
check it out below

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