Alright it’s been a week and well…yep you caught me. here I am writing another Snazzy blog for you to read..I know…. seriously who says snazzyy??? anyways it’s good I enjoy this shit. hope you do to…

So as i said in the first one (My blog Debut –
I come across some well pretty interesting stuff around the traps and here is my spot to share it. So… along with movie reviews, cool photo’s i might take, youtube vids i stumble across, documentarys, song lyrics and blah blah blah.. I also meet some cool people who i think are just as interesting and Def worth a mention..

Today Let me Introduce to you Sharon Brooks!

A beautiful woman with a beautiful voice. She is a fine import to Australia from Barbados and is currently residing on the Sunshine Coast. Along with wowing crowds as she continues to gig around QLD she has also been working hard on new material for an upcoming album witch she has plans to record here too! well you would never guess who with… Let just say HG is the perfect Producer for the job… alright well… she thinks so too!

Since we first met up (lets say as of november last year?) she has worked on a couple of High Knights songs with us. You may have caught her performing them live with us during some of our recent shows? Anyways you can catch her performing with us next time we play. =)

Catching up with her over a cuppa tea recently I got the answers to these 5 Questions.

Q. Tell me about some of the projects you are involved with and what ones excite you the most?
A. Projects involved with this year…wowo….those are alot…..but trying to complete my third album which i’ve been working on for about two years now. its been going through alot of phases. Also working on two new music videos and performances with other canadian artists here in australia later this year. bascially spreading my wings in this new territory, trying to meet and work with as many talented
aussie’s as possible. i love the vibe here so i really want to get immersed in it.

Q. Gimme something wise whats your favorite saying?

A. My favourite saying would have to be “let the joy of laughter lead
you to the music in life”…penned by yours truly…:)

Q. Something you couldn’t live without and why?

A. Something i couldn’t live without…..probably my computer…
whole life is on there, my music, my ways of communicating with my
family and friends….not to mention my games:)

Q. How do you go about getting fresh idea’s?

A. Fresh ideas usually come from getting out into nature and being
around people who are inspirational in one way or another. but nature
usually does it the best for me

Q. With your experience behind you is there anything you would do different?

A. I guess there is always something we can say we would do differently….many opportunities i can think of where i did not want to be to pushy or too excited and maybe let a chance pass by, probably because i was afraid of being judged or offending someone. but ultimately, changing anything from the past would be changing my present, and i am truly comfortable and appreciative of everything that i have been able to experience, personally and professionally.

Here’s good place to peep her music and then go from there to find her elsewhere on the web. Click here for Sharon’s Reverbnation Page.

you can hear her voice in “One Good Night”
Just scroll down on our music player @ the top right hand side of your screen.

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog entry.. perhaps you think me and you have something in common and wanna share it with me? send me an email to

Peace Zelus

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