Learning more about what we put in our bodies is a good move for your health is it not?.

As a youngster I grew up on tank water.. I have never had teeth problems and I feel completly happy with drinking it. As we all do when we grow up we move out.. I moved into town.

Unless you have grown up on town-water, its hard not to draw the comparisons. the smell and taste is quite different. I had to get a filter, I couldnt help thinking this heavy clorinated smell i get from the steam in the shower is going into my body.. its such an unnatural smell, it can’t be good.

Since we should be drinking about eight glasses a day of it, along with cooking with it,cleaning in it, swiming in it and showering or bathing in it etc. We should learn more about how our water is treated and processed. Unless you live on tank water that is.. I am sure the process rainwater goes through into your pipes and then into your tank before it gets to you is relatively easy to explain.

So granted as common knoledge, we know that our town water must be treated with a range of chemicles in order to make it sterile, clean and safe for our consumption. We put our trust in our governments to make the right choices for us, for the good of the country and it’s people like any other public matter. Fair enough..

What things are going into our water that we don’t need? Surly once its sterile, clean and safe for
our consumption we should leave it at that… This is where the debate about fluoride comes in? Surly if a person required it they could get supplements and also isn’t it already in our toothpaste? Finally besides our teeth, has it got any other heath benefits? well I can answer that last one No.

I Live in Australia, Being concerned for the safety of our water I stumbled across an independent documentary film series called firewater.. It explains how fluoride is put into our water.. the health risks involved..also were does it come from before it goes in our water.

I found this pretty interesting. check it out for yourself.

website: Firewater Film

Video Part One

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